The Science Wombat

The scieπce ωombat

Educational science tools that even humans can use!

The Science Wombat offers free online science modeling tools for student learning. These tools can run in modern web-browsers and allow students to explore the laws of science in a visual way. These models are designed to promote deeper learning and encourage students to push the boundaries of their understandings.

Each model provides a user interface that allows students to modify input parameters and investigate the outcomes in a three dimensional space. The programming behind these models is all embedded in the source of the HTML page and can be investigated by viewing the page source. The programming style is simple and documented for those interested in what is under the hood.

While the programs are meant to allow students to design their own investigation paths, there are also some curriculum ideas and challenges provided, that the wombat thought might help humans get started.

The Planetarium 3d simulator

The Planetarium 3D Simulator

This is a fully scaled 3D real-time model of the solar system, including moons and dwarf planets. The model simulates the motions of planets acting under the influence of Newtonian Physics. As well as demonstrating scale, the model provides orbital analysis and means by which students can test alternative scenarios.

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Sphere Points 3D shape constructor

Sphere Points 3D shape constructor

Sphere points is about the mathematics of distributing points evenly over the surface of a sphere. The model finds unexpected symmetries and wonky solutions, and constructs some rather unusual 3D shapes.

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